Tarangire is maybe the most underrated National Park in Tanzania. The park is named after the Tarangire River that runs through the center of the park from south to northwest and drains into Lake Burungi. Tarangire is famed for its many herds of elephant and the huge prolific of baobab trees. The Tarangire is home to many of the African mammals including lion, leopard, African buffalo, and lesser and great kudu; and also boasts a multitude of bird species birds. Many visitors think they know the Tarangire but they only know the busy northern tip of this National Park.

The Tarangire has the highest concentration of wildlife during the dry season, starting in July and depending on the short rains [usually in November] lasting until February. This alone is reason to make this park a top priority for a safari in the dry season. Book into one of the very few camps that are located in the south or the middle of Tarangire’s unspoilt wilderness area. There are only a very few camps and they are ideally placed to access the yearly migrations of wildlife throughout the ecosystem, and to view the impressive concentrations at waterholes for a 6-7 month season each year.

Tarangire wilderness area offers the visitors a rare treat, excursions into the bush on foot. These walking safaris are close to the camps and one tented camp allows longer walking adventures in the endless woodlands and plains habitat. Off road driving is another privilege of this area, something that is not available in any other National Parks in Tanzania.

The Tarangire away from the touristy northern areas offers a unique possibility of walking inside the magnificent Tarangire National Park! The variety of habitats here include open plains, acacia woodlands, tree lined sand rivers, swamps and challenging hill climbs. The walking opportunities in this area range from a gentle stroll near the camp, to a full day out on foot across the Park exploring the recently opened wilderness area.

The migratory herds of wildebeest, buffalo, zebra and elephant offer the visitors to this part of the Tarangire great wildlife viewing every day. The big cats are never far away from the huge herds of grazers in their never ending search for water during the dray season. Few visitors to this part of the park means long game drives undisturbed by other vehicles.

The Tarangire area has distinct seasons – the best times are undoubtedly mid June to February. It is in this period that the concentrations of wildlife in the park reach stunning levels as migratory herds of wildebeest, zebra, buffalo and elephant move inside the park in search of the park’s water sources, the Tarangire river and the Silale swamp, with lions, leopard and other predators following theirs steps closely.

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