Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge

Naivasha is a Masai name given to the area where the resort is located, denoting the characteristics of the lake including size and its tendency to roughness when windy.
The history of the area has always been important as it formed the main route of the slave trade from Uganda and the highlands of Kenya, including in 1884, the Scottish explorer Joseph Thompson’s epic journey through Masai land – where he writes in his journals of his time in Naivasha.

Situated by the shores of Lake Naivasha, a sweet water lake approximately 177sq km in size, and home to many varieties

21 cottages built in a crescent shape, and each has 4 rooms, 2 on the ground and 2 at the top, which totals 84 rooms.
2 of these rooms are suitable for the physically challenged.
6 of the 21 cottages have inter-connecting rooms on the ground floor.
Part of the pathway from the reception to the rooms is lined with giant cactus and different kinds of plants with colorful flowers. Little rock gardens are scattered along and these too have vibrant colored flowers which give it a beautiful contrast with the greenery of the well-manicured lawns.

Monkeys are playfully rolling on the lawns and different species of birds chirping in the trees and some building their nests.
Colobus monkeys are easily spotted as well.
The rest of the pathway is in the open lawns and rock gardens are strategically placed, and frangipanis, aloes, proteas to name are few, are growing in abundance.
The acacia trees are plentiful in this area and are growing everywhere, providing shade.
The exterior walls of the cottages have stone walls giving it character and creepers and bougainvilleas add a lot of colors. The same stonework is carried into the rooms and is the exterior bathroom wall.

The banister going up the top floor is wrought iron as well and the same creepers and bougainvilleas are entwined around them.
Ground floor rooms have 2 queen size beds and a sunken living room at the front which opens out onto the beautifully manicured lawns.
They also have sunken bathtubs and bidets.
Top floor rooms have 1 king-size bed and in front of it is a balcony that has a beautifully designed wrought iron railing and furniture to match. This faces the lawns as well.
The bathrooms on this floor have shower cubicles and bidets.
All 84 rooms are tastefully furnished with mahogany-colored furniture, from the beds, side tables, dressing table, wardrobe, luggage rack, and cabinet.
As a contrast to the mahogany color, the walls are peach in color and the fabric used for curtains and bed linen, match perfectly including the carpet.
The walls have paintings and locally woven sisal pieces placed in embedded concrete frames which form part of the wall.
The rooms are spacious, airy, and light as, the windows are all glass.
There are minibars in all the rooms, TVs in 48 out of the 84 rooms, telephones and safes.

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