Beyt Al Chai Hotel, Stone Town

A traditional house, a 3-floored building which was at one time a tea house, hence its the name: Beyt al Chai – The Stone Town Inn.
The exceptional location of this boutique hotel offers the whole of Stone Town on a silver platter to its guests.

A wealthy Arab merchant originally built this fabulous old building. In the years that followed, the square in front of Beyt al Chai became frequented by the European residents of the town
Perfectly located on the famous Kelele Square, the Beyt Al Chai, The Zanzibar Stone Town Inn, allows you to enjoy the ambiance of the famous Stone Town with a unique respite for peace and tranquillity by overlooking a beautiful grassy square filled with hibiscus and tamarind trees to the Indian Ocean beyond.

Situated only a few paces from the sea, the house is cool and breezy and the top floor bedrooms have wonderful views of the Ocean.
The Zanzibar Stone Town was declared a world heritage site by UNESCO in the year 2000.
Being an authentic old Zanzibari house implies that each of the 6 fully en-suite bedrooms and suites is unique and with its own character. Richly colored organza and silk curtains billow in the breeze around genuine antique furniture dating back to the days of the Sultan.
No detail has been overlooked. Every room is fully air-conditioned, but if you want to open the window and enjoy the late-night call of the Muezzin there is also a ceiling fan. Compound these with personalized and meticulous service, modern sanitary facilities and Beyt al Chai is your best choice of an exclusive, boutique for an exceptional visit and stay in Stone Town.

“Our rooms combine tradition, comfort, and luxury, to offer each guest a unique experience.”
The 6 bedrooms and suites are divided into three categories:

Sultan Rooms:
These are the two largest rooms at the Beyt al Chai, approximately 40 sq. meters each. They have private bathrooms and captivating and relaxing sea views, especially whilst having a drink at sunset. The two rooms are:
» Beyt Al Chai
» Beyt Al Ajaib

Prince Rooms:
These are the second largest rooms averaging about 25 Sq Metres. They have a private bathroom and a separate dressing room
» Beyt El Sahel
» Beyt Al Hukum
» Beyt Al Ras

Princess Room:
This room is the smallest in the Hotel but as original as the others and has a good size bathroom with a direct entrance from the room
» Beyt al Dal

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