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Zanzibar and the Dolphin Safari
By Ian Williamson

Zanzibar is not really about the island itself. Although the Island has a lot to offer with the spice trade, a long rich history and natural forests with unique flora and fauna. This Spice Island was discovered by Arab traders in the 8th century and has supplied the world with aromatic spices like cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg ever since. With the many private spice plantations just outside Stone Town, this offers an ideal opportunity to buy spices and spice oils from the people who produce them. Stone Town is jam-packed with historical architecture and a rich ethnic culture and in the towns narrow streets, every sight, every glance conjures up the romantic past

However, for most visitors Zanzibar is about the sea, the corals, and the dolphins.

Menai Bay Conservation Area is home to two species of dolphin the area is an archipelago of islands and sandbanks. This location is close to Stone Town and you can sail to this location by Dhow a traditional single-sail boat that takes you back in time to the magic of ancient times - from early explorers and missionaries, to slave trades and colonial rulers. The conservation area is a tropical paradise that dreams are made from; pristine beaches, unspoiled reefs with a palm fringed coastline that looks out over the warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. The warm crystal clear waters and hidden tranquil lagoons are a giant tropical fish tank - with the brightly colored inhabitants swimming in their underwater coral gardens.

[To be able to swim with the dolphins we recommend early mornings. In the morning, you will have a good chance to swim with the dolphins.]

Any highlight of a dolphin safari is the seafood feast that is presented to you at lunchtime. Every kind of fish and shellfish imaginable is served up with juice from the young unripe coconuts - which is drunk straight from the coconut itself and is a must to try - along with the endless supply of exotic fruits.

On the southeastern most point of Zanzibar is Kizimkazi fishing village, which also offers a popular place for the dolphin safari. These dolphin safaris have replaces the hunting of dolphins the meat was used for shark bate. The dolphins safaris have become and important source of income for the local population. By taking a dolphin safari you have a most memorable day, you help the conservation of dolphins and are helping the local community who depend on your support.

For more information on Zanzibar and Tanzania see http://www.betheladventure.co.ok and http://www.aardvark-expeditions.com working in Aruhsa Tanzania using tourism to fund Community Initiatives

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