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 Budget Safaris: is this the Better Option? By Ian Williamson.

Tanzania is fast becoming, if not already, the most sought after destination for an African Safari. This reputation and desire for this special place is not unfounded. However is the budget option the better option, as Tanzania is fast becoming an expensive destination. Expensive that is if you want to go to Ngorongoro Crater, the Serengeti and Kilimanjaro. Budget safaris has become, for many, the only option.

Why is Tanzania so expensive? Is this a matter of cashing in on a new found popularity? The short answer to this question is no, it is not; the reason is the sheer volume of tourists. Tanzania wants to keep numbers to sustainable levels. The sheer numbers wanting to tour the popular parks is damaging the fragile eco-system.

Tanzania has many fascinating parks with much to offer. All the game parks have high densities of animals. It is cheaper now to choose parks in the south or the west.

A friend of mine recently came to visit and decided he should go on a short safari. He was on a tight budget and went with a tour operator that offered a good deal. It was a short two day safari to see Lake Manyara and then Ngorongoro crater. This first morning he was due to leave at 9h00; however departure was actually 10h30. The car broke down on the first day and everyone had to push the car to start it again. Repairs to the car were carried out at the camp site after the game drive.

There was a guaranteed four people in the car ensuring good game viewing and a window seat for everyone. However, six people were in the car and things were cramped. The second day in the crater the game viewing was only for five hours and not the full day promised. My visitor was pleased to return home and has been put off safaris for life.

A safari is hard work; the euphoria overcomes the hardship endured in getting to see the animals. To fully appreciate the safari it is better to spend a little more money on comfort. To have a reliable comfortable car with only a few fellow safari-ests is essential. The roads can be rough and to have room to bounce around and absorb the bumps and bangs of the roads is essential. Following the great migration in the Serengeti might involve fighting off swarms of hard biting tsetse flies - this is not easy when six people, the driver cook and camping equipment are squeezed into one slow-moving safari land cruiser.

I would also recommend a good lodge or tented camp. Yes they expensive; however they are luxurious, in good positions within the parks, close to the animals and truly you experience Africa in these camps. You feel less of a tourist and more of an explorer.

To go budget is a mistake. To try to afford the best safari is a must in-order to really enjoy the safari experience. There are many parks in Tanzania which have low park fees; as few visitors are heading to these remote parks; yet. There are mountains and areas that are not national parks and therefore no park fee's to pay and they are fantastic places to visit. To spend time researching and then to find an operator who is willing to help and advise you is the key. It need not cost a fortune. Try to avoid the budget safari and take time to find the better alternative.

Article Source: http://www.ArticleBlast.com

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