Travel Connections Ltd is a company specializing in safaris in Africa, based in Nairobi Kenya. We cover the length and breadth of Africa showing you the exotic terrain, the incredible wildlife and the cultures of a unique people. Below is a list of testimonials made by people who have utilized our services

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What is the experience of travelers using our services?

Travel Connections Ltd is run by a team of professionals who take nothing for granted to ensure you get only the best. The Tour Guides on safari understand the country very well not just because they were born here but they have also taken time to study the flora and fauna in the destinations.

Below are comments made by clients who have utilized our services in the past.

Lynne Duke: Felix has now arranged two wonderful tours of Africa for me; most recently in June of 2019 for myself and five friends.  We explored beautiful Cape Town in South Africa, including Robben Island and even did a shark dive.  Next, we went to Zambia to see Victoria Falls.  The Avani Lodge was lovely and within easy walking distance to the falls - which are breathtaking.  We loved speeding down the Zambezi River to enjoy an amazing meal and interact with rescued elephants at “The Elephant Cafe” - a must for any visitor to Zambia. We finished up our tour in Kenya in the Masai Mara - the most spectacular game viewing area in the world.  We enjoyed dinner at Carnivore and shopping at Utamaduni in Nairobi before heading home.  This trip involved multiple guides, a couple of internal flights and three countries.  There was ample room for things to go wrong but from our wonderful guide Warren in South Africa to our game drivers Sam and Evans, Felix ensured that we were well cared for from start to finish.  Felix provides you with his 24 hour contact number in case you need anything and will work with you to create an itinerary that suits your budget and reflects your interests.  I can’t wait for trip three.    
Lynne Duke, Sequim, Washington

Susan Pearson: together with 5 other close friends utilized our services on a 19 day safari that took them from Kenya to Tanzania then to Rwanda. In Kenya they visited the Samburu National Reserve in northern Kenya before flying down to the great Masai Mara. They were in Masai Mara during the great wildebeast migration and were patient and lucky enough to see the wildbeast cross the Mara river. From Masai Mara, they crossed over to Tanzania where visit the Serengeti Nat. Reserve then continued to Ngorongoro Crater and Lake Manyara. From Tanzania, the flew to Rwanda where they did 3 gorilla treks.

After her safari, this is what Susan had to say:-

I would not travel in Africa with any other tour company than Travel Connections.  Their attention to quality and service is unmatched. Initially, we were working with another company that told us that we couldn't go to all the places we wanted to go within our budget.  Travel Connections was able to accommodate our entire itinerary with the same high end lodges as the other company at a lower cost.  That was for starters. The many questions we emailed during the planning phase to Mr. Felix Koskei, the Managing Director, were always answered within 24 hours.  When we arrived in Nairobi, Mr. Koskei met us personally.  He always made sure we were taken care of before he left us at the airports (we went to 3 countries).

His guides were wonderful.  Besides being kind, attentive and knowledgeable, they knew where to find the animals.  We saw so much - way more than I anticipated.  The guides seemed to really enjoy their jobs and it showed in their enthusiasm in getting us the best views of the animals and getting us close to them.  We got great photos!

It was apparent in his personal service and the quality of his tour that Mr. Koskei really cared about the experience we had in Africa. As I said in the beginning, I wouldn't travel with any other company in Africa.

Thank you Felix for trip of a lifetime.
Susan Pearson, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Pamela Wright: has utilized our safari services several times for her travels within Africa. After visiting Samburu and Masai Mara with a few of her friends, she flew down to Lamu for a relaxing sojourn at the luxurious Peponi Hotel.

After her stay in Lamu, this is what Pamela had to say:-

After a fascinating stay in the "natural" world of Samburu and Masai Mara, Felix arranged for us to step back in time, into the historic world of Lamu!

Because it's a World Heritage Site, Lamu's buildings remain unchanged from the days of ancient traders, slavers and pirates!  Narrow alleys, mysterious gardens and charming donkeys make each twist and turn a new experience.  You can hire a local guide or find your own way to shops, restaurants and sites of interest.  The historical museum is very well arranged and definitely worth an hour or two!

The Hotel Peponi was beautiful, charming and perfect as a place to unwind, explore and treat our senses. It's in Shela town, just a few minutes away from Lamu town and "right around the corner" from miles of empty, white sand beaches.The hotel's dhow will meet your at the airport, take you to the island and serves as a water taxi to Lamu town. Other options are trips to see the sea turtle nesting site, sunset tours and picnics, or you can simply lie in your hammock on your very own terrace and enjoy the breezes!.

I highly recommend a side trip to Kenya's historic past at Lamu Island!

Pamela Wright, Pasadena, Los Angeles, California, USA.

Family E. Edmunds, Family J. Lacey, Family G. Thorpe, Family F. Dohn and Family D. Francel; together a group of 23 persons utilized our services for an exclusive and extremely high standard safari in Kenya, Tanzania and the Seychelles. A section of the gentlemen in the group began their safari with a hike to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro. After a successful conquer of the roof of Africa and having had an exceptional view of Africa atop the snow capped mountain, they returned to the ground where their spouses and families received them with jubilation.

The group then embarked on a tour of Kenya on an exclusive flying safari on privately chartered planes. They flew into Amboseli Nat. Park where our vehicles and drivers received them. With a proud sense of accomplishment; especially the men; the group enjoyed their games with the imposing Mt. Kilimanjaro in their background.

From Amboseli, the group flew on their private charter planes to Mount Kenya and found our drivers and buses eagerly awaiting them. From Mt. Kenya, they went to Samburu Nat. Reserve where they had wonderful game drives. From Samburu, their charter planes took them to the heart of the Rift Valley; Lake Nakuru Nat. Park where they saw the flamingoes and rhinos. From Nakuru, the charter planes took them to Masai Mara where they were picked up by our buses and drivers and had 3 days of awesome game drives in this great wilderness.

From Masai Mara, the group flew into Nairobi and further proceeded to the romantic islands of the Seychelles. The group stayed for a whole week in the Seychelles and sampled all the big islands. They stayed in the 3 main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. The group used charter planes from Mahe to Praslin and a private charter boat to La Digue. They stayed in exclusive and deluxe resorts in this wonderful paradise in the Indian Ocean.

 After their safari, this is what they had to say:-

 “Speaking for my family, the pleasure was all ours. It was a flawless trip. You guys really cared about us. I’ve dealt with many a tour operator or packager over the years, in every part of the world, and there haven’t been many who actually escorted us through customs and immigration. You and everybody command a super-professional operation.

The fact that you even sent us emails after the safari says a lot; many operators just prefer to take your money and never hear from you again after the trip is over, perhaps afraid there may be complaints or demands for refunds.

Everything was perfect, from the Kili Climb to the magically beautiful Seychelles. Masai Mara and Samburu were superb and so were the lodges. Amboseli, I frankly had modest expectations for, but it was there we saw a cheetah eating its kill, and another cheetah making a run on a herd of gazelle. Lake Nakuru was a blessing as we saw flamingos, rhinos and a couple of leopards.

Flying from place to place made a BIG difference and everyone appreciated the chartered planes. The kids all had a blast”.
E. Edmunds Jr. and family, Los Angeles, USA.

 “My family and I wanted to express our heartfelt thanks for the amazing journey through Kenya that your company organized. We feel humbled by the kindness and consideration of the Kenya people who were so generous to us during our stay. The landscape vistas were breathtaking from the birds eye view from the charter flights, where we could make out the herds of animals inhabiting the Amboseli and Masai Mara and see the vastness and beauty of Africa. The shores of Lake Nakuru were such a surprise. From a distance, we envisioned the shores were decorated with thousands of pink wildflowers, and realized that we were viewing, instead, flock upon flock of the greater and lesser flamingos. Our daughters fell in love with elephant and giraffe babies. The camel ride through the Samburu with the Masai was another unforgettable memory, especially when the camels pitch forward to let the riders dismount in all their awkward grace and the riders have to make certain not to somersault over the camel’s neck.

Africa was a dream that came true. The outdoor dinners under the southern constellations were captivating. And, we all miss the company of the warthog patrols who must be the most comical looking of all the species.

“You have opened our eyes to the beauty of Africa and the Seychelles. We could not have imagined a better safari and we will keep the trip forever in our hearts. Thanks You”.
G. Thorpe and family, Los Angeles, USA. 

“This was the most amazing vacation my family and I have ever taken. Your professionalism and eye to detail made our trip very enjoyable and we sincerely thank you for a job perfectly done. The drivers were very knowledgeable and courteous. The national parks and animals were very interesting. We saw more animals than we really anticipated. The private charter flights provided us with exceptional aerial views of the country. My family and I wish to thank you all for all your kindness and professionalism”.
J. Lacey and family, Los Angeles, USA.

 “Overall this has to be one of the great trips I have ever taken and my family and I really appreciated all of the work you did in making us feel welcome. Everyone was very helpful and informative”.
F. Dohn and family, Los Angeles, USA.

B. Dwight and S. Favia utilized our services in Kenya for their wedding and honeymoon. We organized for them a full wedding package on the beautiful sandy beaches of the Indian Ocean in Mombasa. The wedding package included all the relevant and official documentation, registration and wedding certificate, wedding cake, sparkling wine, button hole and bouquet, flowers, fruits, honeymoon suite, photos, videos, traditional dancers and witnesses.

After the wedding, the newly weds departed on a private honeymoon across Kenya’s national parks. They went to Mount Kenya where they stayed in a tree hotel. They then continued to Lake Nakuru where they saw the beautiful flamingos and rhinocerous. They further went to the Masai Mara where they enjoyed exclusive game drives in this unique national reserve. At each destination, they were received with jubilation and endowed with the honeymooner suite with a basket of fresh fruits. They then flew back to Nairobi.

After their wedding and honeymoon, this is what they said:- 

“We would like to express our sincerest gratitude to you for making our wedding day and honeymoon so special. We never could have arranged a more beautiful occasion without you. The honeymoon safari was very well arranged and exceptionally good. We enjoyed seeing the animals and the different national parks. We have shown our wedding DVD to some friends and they were extremely impressed.  Again, thank you so much. We both feel that we have made very good friends”.
B. Dwight and S. Favia, New Jersey, USA.

P. Wright, S. Zielinski, L. Kocincki, Bill Peer and K. Hole utilised our services for their Africa Exploration Safari which was a tour combining Kenya and Tanzania. The safari took a total of 17 days. We booked for them accommodation at top hotels and lodges both in Kenya and Tanzania . They got to visit famous national parks in Kenya such as the Lake Nakuru National Park with its millions of breathtaking flamingoes.

In Tanzania they got to tour the Ngorongoro and Serengeti National Reserve with its breathtaking game such as wildebeests and the Big Five!

They also got to visit the Kenya 's Mombasa beaches and tour the ancient coastal town and dine at its fine hotels. After the Safari this is what they had to say:

'The safari experience was awesome. Everything went perfectly as planned to our great satisfaction. I am in love with Africa . Thank you so much'.
P. Wright, Los Angeles , California.USA.

  "Everything was perfect. Like a fairy tale vacation. We will plan all of our future visits with your company. Thank you!"
S. Zielinski, Los Angeles , California , USA

  "Thank you so much for an experience I wil remember always. I'll be back!"
L. Kocincki, Los Angeles , California , USA

  "What wonderful and gracious guests! It was the best vacation I have ever been on. We will definitely be back and spread the Travel Connections news. Thanks!"
K. L. Hole, Los Angeles , California , USA

  'Thank you so much for an experience I will never forget. Everything was wonderful'.
B. Peer, Los Angeles , California . USA .

  H. Wall, J. Wall and M. Bowles sought our services for an excellently tailor-made extensive 18 day Wild Kenya Safari. They had the great opportunity to visit Tsavo West National Park and saw the ‘Red-elephants of Tsavo’, they also saw the ‘dreaded man-eaters of Tsavo’. The visited Amboseli and saw the roof of Africa . They then headed north to Mt. Kenya and Samburu Nat. Parks. They also visited Lake Nakuru Nat. Park to see the Rhinos and the Flamingoes. They then visited the wonderful Masai Mara and had a wonderful experience when they took the hot air balloon across the Masai Mara savannah. This was an experience they will never forget. After their safari, this is what they had to say:-

‘We had a wonderful time. Our driver-guide was excellent. He was thoughtful, kind, intelligent, patient, organized and very timely The safari was superbly planned. We shall return again’.
H. Wall, J. Wall and M. Bowles. Los Angeles , California , USA .

  D. Ashby, M. Peterson, N. Siedler, L. McGrath and Mary Williams utilised our services for a wonderfully planned one month long Kenya and Tanzania 'Africa Great Circuit Safari'. In Kenya they had a memorable stay at the world famous Giraffe Manor before visiting Samburu Nat. Reserve, Mt. Kenya Nat. Park, Lake Nakuru Nat. Park and the Masai Mara Nat. Reserve.

  In Tanzania , then had an extraordinary experience to visit Gombe Nat. Park and Mahale Mountains Nat. Park and Lake Tanganyika in Western Tanzania to see the chimpanzees in their natural environment. The also visited the Serengeti Nat. Park, Ngorongoro, Lake Manyara and Tarangire Nat. Parks. In addition to Dar Es Salaam , they visited the southern Tanzania parks of Selous and Mikumi.

After their safari, this is what they had to say.

  'The safari was wonderful, very well planned, interesting and excellent value for the price'.
D. Ashby, Los Angeles , California , USA .

  'The accommodation, food, vehicles, local flights and drivers-guides were wonderful. This was a life time experience'.
Mary Williams, Los Angeles , California , USA

  'The safari was a great success. Thank you for a trip of a lifetime. I will remember it always.
N. Siedler, San Francisco , California , USA

  The accommodation was luxurious, the food excellent, the vehicles were very comfortable, the flights were reliable and punctual. The game drives were awesome. Everything was perfect.
L. McGrath, San Francisco , California , USA .

  'This was an outstanding trip in all respects. All the lodgings were excellent; the food was outstanding; the animals were extraordinary; the driver-guides attentive to our needs, gracious, prompt and helpful.
M. Peterson, Los Angeles , California , USA .

  D. and J. Mulcey utilised our services for a Kenya and Tanzania safari. In Kenya , the visited the world famous Masai Mara Nat. Reserve and experienced the extraordinary Wildebeest Migration.

  In Tanzania , they visited the Serengeti Nat. Park, Lake Manyara Nat. Park and the Ngorongoro Nat. Park.

After their safari, this is what they had to say.

  'The trip was a wonderfully planned adventure. We will cherish the experience. The fantastic memories shall be in our minds for the rest of our lives. We will return again'.
D. and J. Mulcey, Hartford , Connecticut , USA .

  L. Duke, K. and A. Neubauer and L. and W. Warnick utilised our services on a 3 weeks African Exploration Safari. They visited Nairobi , Samburu Nat. Park, Mt. Kenya Nat. Park , Lake Nakuru Nat. Park, Masai Mara Nat. Reserve, Amboseli Nat. Park and Tsavo West Nat. Park . They then had a leisurely sojourn at the beach in Mombasa at the end of their safari.

  In Tanzania , they visited Lake Manyara Nat. Park, Tarangire Nat. Park, Ngorongoro Nat. Park and the Serengeti Nat. Park.

After their safari, this is what they had to say.

  'We have travelled extensively around the world and this African adventure comes tops. This was a wonderfully planned safari'.
K. and B. Neubauer, Jackson Hole, Wyomming , USA .

  'I have fallen in love with Africa .  I shall cherish the memories for the rest of my life. I shall definitely return again'.
L. Duke, Los Angeles , California , USA .

  'Everything was perfect. The experience was wonderful. Thanks you very much. We will come back again'.
L. and W. Warnick, Los Angeles , California . USA .

  H. Travis and K. Nevins utilised our services on a 2 weeks Best of Kenya Safari. They visited Nairobi , Samburu Nat. Park, Mt. Kenya Nat. Park , Lake Nakuru Nat. Park and the Masai Mara Nat. Reserve.

After their safari, this what they had to say.

  ' Africa is a wonderful place. The animals were extraordinary. Everything went perfectly as planned'.
H. Travis, Sacramento , California , USA .

  'The animals were awesome. The Masai Mara is a breath-taking wild savannah. Thank you very much for a wonderful experience'.
K. Nevins, Los Angeles , California , USA .

  M. Klinkner and R. Rupprecht utilised our services for a one week safari across southern Kenya . They kicked off their safari from Mombasa at the Indian Ocean . The visited Mzima Springs in Tsavo West Nat. Park . They then visited Amboseli Nat. Park, Lake Nakuru Nat. Park and the Masai Mara Nat. Reserve. This is what they had to say:-

  ‘Thanks again for this unforgettable experience. We shall return again to see the other parks’.
M. Klinkner and R. Rupprecht , Berlin , Germany .

  A. and D. Tucceri utilised our services for a 2 weeks safari in Tanzania and Zanzibar . They visited Tarangire Nat. Park, Ngorongoro Crater, Lake Manyara Nat. Park and the famous Serengeti Nat. Park. They later went to Zanzibar for several days and had a leisurely time in the beach and discovered the Stone Town . After their safari, this is what they had to say:-

  ‘The safari experience is beyond words. This coupled with the outstanding services provided by you and this made our trip absolutely marvellous’.
A. and D. Tucceri, Toronto , Canada .

  A. Ramsey, S. Chubb, G. Rau and P. Kay  utilised our service on a 2 weeks beach vacation in the island of Lamu and at Diani in south coast.

After their vacation, this is what they had to say.

  'Our holiday was absolutely amazing and we definitely could not have done it without you. All the travelling went without a hitch thanks to you!!!!! '
A. Ramsey/S. Chubb, Johannesburg , South Africa .

  Our vacation was wonderful. You were incredibly helpful and professional and went beyond the call of duty in every instance!!!
G. Rau/P. Kay, Johannesburg , South Africa .

   J. Jones, J. Jones, B, Boynton and J. Boynton utilised our service on a one week flying package across Kenya . They flew into Samburu Nat. Reserve where they enjoyed the great game that this small but magnificent park has to offer. They then flew directly into Masai Mara and had a great time in the expansive Masai Mara. They then took their flight back to Nairobi and drove to Lake Nakuru Nat. Park. They had a great game drive in this bird and Rhino sanctuary. They saw the millions of flamingos that make Lake Nakuru their home. They even visited the park’s Baboon Cliff and had an awesome aerial view of the entire lake and it’s environs. This is what they had to say of their trip in Kenya .

‘Clearly Samburu and Masai Mara were exceptional and we spent about the right amount of time at each. Lake Nakuru was also very interesting and worth seeing. We regret that we did not book the hot air balloon ride in advance for our first morning in Masai Mara, so this is one thing that I would recommend to others. I guess that we will have to return there someday! The accommodations were very good. Whereas we liked the Serena the best (because of setting, quality of facilities, quality of staff, and service), we also were very pleased that we stayed in and experienced the tent camps in Samburu. Lake Nakuru facilities were also very good. The drivers were very friendly and wanted to make sure that we had the best experience possible. There were many highlights of the trip. We saw all of the animals that we expected to see, including elusive cheetahs and leopards along with many lions. One final highlight of our trip was meeting you and having your personal approach to providing service to us. Everyone knows that one remembers seeing all of the parks, animals and scenery on such trips. But, also we will remember the people we met and enjoyed, and our glimpses into your cultures and world. A fascinating experience!
J. & J. Jones, Gainesville , Florida , USA .

  We are so thankful for your assistance prior to and throughout our entire Kenya vacation.  We truly are.  It was very nice to have the opportunity to meet you personally after all of your assistance.  Thank you for taking the time to be so "hands-on".
B. & J. Boynton, Wellington , Florida , USA .

  S. & R. Miller, M. Dobbs and P. Neason, utilised our services on a 19 days Kenya and Tanzania extensive safari. They did an exclusive 8 days safari in Kenya that saw them visit Samburu Nat. Park. They then visited the dense Mt. Kenya Nat. Park and stayed at the only tree house in Mt. Kenya ; Serena Mountain Lodge. They enjoyed first class service right in the middle of a forest as they watched animals come and go throughout the night. They then visited the Lake Nakuru Nat. Park before heading to the vast Masai Mara. From Masai Mara, they headed to northern Tanzania where they had a 7 days tour and visited Tarangire, Lake Manyara , the magnificent Ngorongoro Crater and the expansive Serengeti Nat. Park. Upon their return to Kenya , the visit Amboseli Nat. Park where they had a clear view of the roof of Africa; Mt. Kilimanjaro . This is what they had to say.

  ‘This safari exceeded our expectation in every way. The accommodation, vehicles and drivers are exceptional. The opportunities to see wildlife in their natural habitats is truly exciting’.
S. & R. Miller, Los Angeles , California , USA .

  ‘Everything, truly, was very smooth and perfectly run. It was all well planned’.
P. Neason, Los Angeles , California , USA .

  ‘The drivers were extremely attentive and knowledgable. All our accommodations were great. Each lodges or tented camps were clean, well-maintained and lovely. Each had its own special charm! We were able to see all there was to see. This was my first trip to Africa and I saw so many things that others have never seen. You did a super job arranging it all!!’
M. Dobbs, Los Angeles , California , USA .

  J & D. Ozbek, utilised our services on a Kenya and Seychelles vacation. They did a one week Kenya safari that saw them visit Mt. Kenya , then to Lake Nakuru where they had the chance to see both the black and the white Rhinoceros in addition to the millions of pink flamingos at the lake. They then visited Masai Mara where they had a great time. From Kenya , the flew over to the Seychelles for a one week beach vacation on this exceptionally romantic island. This is what they had to say.

  ‘Our vacation was fabulously arranged and we had a wonderful time both in Kenya and the Seychelles . We shall certainly return to Africa in the future’.
J & D. Ozbek, Istanbul , Turkey .

  J. & J. Martignoni, utilised our services on a Kenya safari with an extension to the Indian Ocean beach in Mombasa . They did a 5 days safari tour that took them to Lake Nakuru Nat. Park and the Masai Mara Nat. Reserve. They then flew into Mombasa and had a great time on the warm Kenya beaches. This is what they had to say.

  ‘We had a great time in our first safari to Africa !!!! You are really good.Thank you for a wonderful time’.
J. & J. Martignoni, Buenos Aires , Argentina .

  N. & C. Clarke utilised our services on an extensive one month safari package that took them to Kenya , Tanzania and Zimbabwe. In Kenya, they visited Samburu Nat. Reserve, then to Mt. Kenya , before heading to Lake Nakuru Nat. Park. Here, they saw the tree climbing lions in this bird and Rhino sanctuary. They then headed towards Masai Mara when they had a great time in this famous savanna. In Tanzania , they visited Tarangire, Lake Manyara , Ngorongoro and Serengeti Nat. Park. They had an exceptional experience when they visited the cradle of mankind at Olduvai Gorge . Before going on a relaxing beach stay at the coast of Mombasa , they had a one week visit to Zimbabwe to view the magnificent Victoria Falls . Zimbabwe is just 2.5 hrs from Nairobi , by flight. This is a monument one never forgets. This is what they had to say.

  ‘This was an exceptionally wonderful safari. We thank you very much for your superb service. We will recommend you to all our friends’.
N. & C. Clarke, Los Angeles , California , USA .

  P. & L. Ahn, utilised our services on their honeymoon safari to Africa . They visited Kenya and Tanzania and stayed in exclusive, very high standard and private lodges and camps. In Kenya, they visited Amboseli Nat. Park and the Masai Mara Nat. Reserve. In Tanzania, they visited Lake Manyara , Tarangire, Ngorongoro and the Serengeti. This is what they had to say.

‘Our honeymoon trip would never have been as wonderful as it has been. This exceeded our expectation by far and it could not have been any better. Your choice of lodges, hotels and camps were perfect and fitted well into our requirements. Thank you very much for your outstanding work’.
P. & L. Ahn, Manhattan , New York , USA .

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